I am a new mum and I am experiencing the new world of motherhood. There I was holding my bundle of joy in my arm and tears rolling down my cheek. The feeling running through my mind was just amazing. No words to describe. The most wonderful and precious gift that I could ever had was my newborn baby.

When I brought my son David home, I knew my world had changed and my responsibilities had grown. Although when I look back, I always found myself as a capable and a responsible person. But after I had my baby, this feeling seemed to be shredding away. My can-do and never say die attitude went out the window. I always had an instinct about things and did them perfectly. But now with my baby David, I was lost. I had no clue what do with my newborn.

Every morning I would wake with an alarm on my head that now I have a baby and I need to shake away my sleep. I wondered whether I could get some time off from that 24 hour job that I had with my baby. There is no doubt that I love my son more than anyone in this world, but I was worried at first.

There is no one around to tell you what your daily life would be like and no one to help you out with your newborn. Even if someone did tell you, they won’t look into your eye as they know the bitter truth. You are stressed and fatigued all the time. You won’t even remember to take a bath or eat. With no prior experience, you are responsible for the care, safety, nourishment and development of your little one. Your body changes drastically. But being a mom is a special feeling that every woman should experience it at least once in a life time

The days just went on and on. I had to leave the house with my baby for a walk and to take some fresh air. The change of fresh air and scenery gave a sense of joy for few hours. Seeing my baby sleep just wore off all the tensions and worries that I went through the day. It was just overwhelming feeling that how can a small thing make you go through hell all day long and yet at the end of the day give you the best warm feeling in the world.

I had been through this situation and I am obliged to share my experience with you ladies.