Bringing your newborn home can be very exciting and a wonderful feeling for every new parent. Your baby experiences the world in a very different way. Each day is like a milestone for you and your baby. Your baby totally depends on you for his basic needs. For first few weeks you and your baby develop a bond which helps your baby to grow and develop emotionally as well as physically.

A newborn baby is like a little creature that demands so much time and energy from you for his day-to-day activities like feeding, eating and sleeping. It’s very fascinating for every new parent to see what’s going on inside that tiny little body of a baby.

Every baby is born with strong reflexes that help in his physical development which takes place in the first few months. And these reflexes can be seen in a baby who is just few days or weeks old. These reflexes are the motor skills that a baby develops during his development. When a baby is just few days older we can observe few reflexes:

Rooting Reflex

When you stroke a newborns cheek, he will turn to that reflex and start sucking your finger. This shows that your baby is hungry and ready to eat.

Babkin Reflex

When you put pressure on a newborn’s palm, he will try to bring his fist near his mouth and try to put a finger in his mouth. This reflex will help him to suck on his own fingers.

Crawling Reflex

If you try to place a newborn on his stomach, he will try to flex his legs and even try to move his head up. This reflex prepares him for crawling.

Walking or Stepping Reflex

If you try to hold a newborn on a flat surface like bed or table, he will lift his foot one by one like he is trying to walk. This reflex shows that your baby is developing fast and ready to walk in few months.

By the end of first few months your baby will

  • Bring his hands to face Make arm movements
  • Jerk himself to move upwards
  • Moves his head from side to side.
  • Turn towards familiar sounds
  • Blink at bright lights

Encouraging your baby in developing these fine motor skills will help your baby grow faster and healthier.