‘Rock a bye baby on the tree top’ is a very popular and very old lullaby. It is used by most of the mothers while putting their babies to sleep. Listening to this rhyme, one can easily imagine a mother singing this lullaby rocking her child’s cradle tied to the tree top and putting her baby to sleep. Cradles have always been associated as an inseparable part with infants since olden times. Though cradles and bassinets have also evolved with time, they are still considered as one of the most important parts of an infant’s room.

Use of cradles and bassinets makes life easier for new moms, as the babies tend to wake up in the middle of the night and start crying. They need their mother’s touch to soothe them and make them feel comfortable, so it is important to have the babies sleeping close to the parents in the initial few months. Cradles and bassinets provide them a cozy nest for the babies near their parent’s bed. They are smaller sized cribs which can be ideally kept close to the parent’s bed and makes monitoring the baby at night easier for mothers too.

Cradles still carry the old age charm with them and wooden cradles are perfect to rock-a-bye the infant to sleep. Cradles are generally made on rockers which allow rocking it gently to soothe the little one and settle him to sleep. One can also find elegant iron cradles and cradles having storage drawers or cradles that can be converted into toy boxes later. While buying a cradle it is important to check whether the base is sturdy and there are locks to restrict inclination and rocking of the cradle. But cradles are not portable hence one cannot carry them along when travelling with a baby. Also, one needs to buy mattress separately for the cradle.

Bassinets are similar to cradles and serve the same purpose as the cradles. The only difference is bassinets have complete bedding, their own foam mattress and also a fabric covered hood to protect the babies. The meshed sides and padded top provide the baby a warm, secure and cozy environment to sleep. There are two types of bassinets - traditional and portable. The traditional bassinets can be moved across the rooms of house while portable bassinets are perfect for travelling.

The baby sleeping in the parent’s room provides a sense of security both to the parents and the baby as cradles and bassinets are the easiest to place in the bedroom.