There is nothing more heart breaking in this world than seeing your child crying. When your baby is inconsolable and fussy, it’s becomes difficult to calm him. Babies cry, it’s a natural thing for them. It’s their way to communicate with you. It’s very tricky for a new parent to understand why their baby cries.

There are many reasons behind a child’s cry and interpreting them is a difficult thing for parents, especially during first few days. A baby cries if he is hungry, in pain, need to be held, in need of sleep or even if he needs a diaper change. It depends on moms to soothe your cranky and fussy baby. The very first thing that you can do is stay calm and do not get stressed. Increase in your stress level hampers your health as well as your baby’s. There are many ways to calm and comfort your baby:

Check Baby’s Diaper

A wet diaper is the most common reason for a baby to cry. It’s a good idea to check the diaper even if you have changed it recently. Change the diaper if needed or just check on it.

Feed your Baby

Many times when babies are hungry they cry. Try to breastfeed or offer milk bottle to soothe them. Check Baby’s temperature: Check your baby’s forehead and back to see if he is too hot or too cold. If still you are not sure, check your baby’s temperature with a thermometer.

Ease gas pain

If your baby starts crying after feeding, he may suffer from gas trouble. Try to rub his chest, pat on his back or bend his knees upwards to release the gas. Hold your Baby comfortably: Many babies like to be held in arms or on shoulders. Some prefer to sit on lap. Change the way you hold your baby in the best way you can.

Gently Rock or Bounce

Gently rocking in a chair or a baby swing is an easy way to calm your baby. Try to remain gentle as fast motion can be over stimulating.

Sing or Dance

A soft and gentle song sung by a familiar voice often comforts a baby from crying. Dancing, means gently moving around with your baby, can easily soothe your baby in a peaceful state.

Skin-to-skin contact

Experienced mothers have observed that holding your baby close to your chest and snuggling with him can easily calm babies and enhance a strong bond.

Try the best possible way to soothe and calm your baby from crying.