A cat needs a balanced diet containing vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Cat mostly eats meat and remains of the food. The cat's teeth are not designed to chew the food and so, it swallows the food. Therefore, a cat should be fed with proper diet which is healthy for it. Some of the ideas mentioned below will help you to give a balanced diet to your cat.

  • Water is the most essential element for every living animal. Fresh water should always be kept in a clean bowl.
  • The valuable sources of vitamins for the cat are fish oil, wheat germ, liver, yeast and raw or lightly cooked vegetables and milk. Vitamin A present in egg yolks, fish oils, carrots green vegetables, grass and seaweeds help the eyes of the cat to work in low intensity of light. Cats are unable to synthesize Vitamin A and therefore, it should be added in some form of food. Vitamin C prevents the disease scurvy while vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. Vitamin E present in wheat germ promotes fertility in cats.
  • Carbohydrates in grains and root vegetables are rich source of energy in cats.
  • The fats obtained from butter, margarine, fish oils and or fat meat is needed in small quantities for the cats.
  • Protein is the major part of cat's food and can be fed through cheese, milk, eggs, meat, readymade pet foods and vegetables.
  • Meat and fish are one of the favorite food sources of the cats. Meat and fish provide fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in large amount.
  • The other diet supplements available for cats are the yeast tablets, vitamins and chocolate drops.
  • Even cats love to eat crunchy foods like biscuits which help to clean their teeth but plenty of water should be drunk with it.
  • Some cats like to feed on grass which is a source of vitamins and used as roughage.
  • The food for the kittens should include two meals of meat and two of milk in a day.

So, you can feed your cat with these type of food varieties which will keep her healthy and fit.