Finding for services that actually make some sense is really difficult, but the Olde Towne Dog Spa is the perfect place for your dog which also fulfills your desire. They provide help to your athletic canines for recovering and also make your senior dogs feel like puppies. After taking a spa bath, book special teeth cleaning and ear cleaning session for your doggy. The spa treatments that you choose for your pet would make the pet look and feel like a million bucks.

The spa bath at the Olde Towne is way different from a tub rinse; it consists of various step treatments from ears to paws. This includes bathing, combing, brushing and pawicure, drying hands, ear cleaning and cool air blowers. This becomes a very peaceful and beneficial experience for the pet. The bathing system helps in cleaning the deep-down dirt and also gives a gentle massage. Their ways of bathing the small, large and extra-large dogs are very much different. Cutting down the dog’s nails does not need much exercise for the experts available. You can also reduce the scratches on the hardwood furniture, floor and even yourself that are caused due to the nails of the dogs.

You can even get to have a discussion with the highly trained groomers having experience of dealing with almost all kind of breeds. They also give you details about the services that are available with spa bath such as the clipping, scissoring or some of your specification. You can also get information about the pet from the groomer like combing tools for the pets, next grooming date or some preventive measures for your breed.

Dogs also feel relaxed with treatments such as aromatherapy, hot oil treatment, de-skunking and also Flea & Tick treatment. Various types of massages are available for different sized dogs which approximately go for 30 minutes depending upon the dog’s size. Sports massage is very different from the regular massage as it focuses on the cause of the injury rather than symptoms.