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NASDAQ is the NASDAQ stock market, an American stock exchange. Earlier it was known as National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, but now it is no longer used. It is an equity securities trading market with an electronic screen based phenomenon and is the largest such electronic equity securities trading market in the US.


The New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) also known as the “Big Board”, is a stock exchange located at 11 Wall Street, New York, USA. When it comes to market capitalization, NYSE is the World’s largest stock exchange. It is operated by NYSE Euronext and is made up of 5 rooms for trading purpose.

S&P 500 is an index that is owned and operated by a division of McGraw-Hill known as Standard & Poor's. S&P 500 is a free-float capitalization-weighted index. This is published since 1957 and consists of 500 large-cap common stocks actively traded in the United States. These stocks are only those which are largely held by public and which trade on either NASDAQ OMX or NYSE Euronext. S&P 500 is a part of S&P 1200 and S&P Global 1500 which are two larger indices.


Deferred tax is one of the accounting concepts that resulted from the timing or temporary differences arise between value of asset or liability which is considered for tax purposes. It is also referred as future income taxes and it is very relevant to the principle of matching. The circumstances of this kind may arise in different tax situations, including conditions under which tax payments are deferred until a defined date.

Double taxation takes place when a taxpayer is taxed two times for the similar kind of income or asset. The incident usually occur when a jurisdiction overlaps and an asset, income or transaction becomes eligible for taxation in multiple jurisdictions. In case, an individual suffers from double taxation he or she has to lose substantial portion of his income. In most of cases this downgrades the standard of living of an individual.

Interest and dividend income earned is taxable and referred as unearned income for the tax reporting purpose. Most of the taxpayers report interest or dividend earned on required line of their tax forms but in case it is more than defined limit, one needs to present some more forms to report overall income. The tax rate levied on interest or dividend income varies according to the overall adjusted gross income of respective taxpayer.

Very few have right financial resources to cover the higher expenses they may incur for unexpected illnesses. Many don’t have right health insurance plan, which will give them financial security in case they are unable to work because of injury, illness or disability. That’s the reason why Multi-cover Health Insurance is the need of time as it serves the three-way purpose of life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance, which is a priority for most of the households.

Lifetime health cover (LHC) includes additional loading on your existing private health insurance cover. It is planned to promote Australian citizens to enroll for hospital cover earlier in life. Obviously, when you take hospital cover in early part of your life and maintain it, you pay lower premiums compared to individuals who join when they become older.

Private health cover applies when an individual is admitted to either public or private hospital as private patient. Under private hospital cover you can decide the hospital you want to get admitted and even select doctor of your own choice.

It is true that credit cards are indeed very useful for any person in many different ways. Applying for a credit card and acquiring one is not a difficult task if you have a good credit score and credit history. But, for someone who has recently come out from a bankruptcy, it is a different story altogether.

Major League Baseball Extra Bases is one of the amazing credit cards that can be added to your credit network. If you are a great fan of Major League Baseball, then you’d like the advantages you get through the Extra Bases Credit Card. The rewards associated with this credit card starts with the first purchase and is available for each purchase made after that.

Every customer likes to get rewarded and that&rsquo

Auto refinancing can be useful, if done in the right way, especially during tough financial times. Ironically, only very few American consumers realize its importance and utilize it to full extent. Auto refinancing is very similar to refinancing home loans. It includes replacing an existing loan that has no encouraging characteristics with a new one which has attractive terms and conditions. Auto refinancing can not only help you to save thousands of dollars but also lower your monthly payments in a substantially way.

Have you thought about refinancing your current home or auto loan but felt that your poor credit score may stop you from doing so? Why does credit score matter so much? Answers to all these questions are complicated but you have to figure out the proper solution, if you are going to apply for refinance loan. When you possess a bad credit history, it is very obvious to get discouraged as there is considerable importance given to credit score in refinancing.

Bad credit auto refinance can be a challenging thing because most of the financial lenders show unwillingness to offer credit to applicants who have poor credit history. In spite of lots of difficulties faced by borrowers, there are few practices that borrowers follow to increase their chances of getting auto loan even with bad credit. The measures include searching for co-signer, paying balances on some other accounts or acquiring a loan from the company which works with customers having bad credit.

If you have made decision to refinance your existing mortgage or purchase your home then you can make application process more effective by taking help of financial broker. A mortgage broker executes job very similar to the bank loan officer. The only difference is that bank officer operates for a particular bank while broker has relationship with various financial lending institutions and doesn&rsquo

Refinancing is a way through which an applicant can replace high interest rate loan with a low interest rate mortgage so that he can easily repay his home debt. But, during the process of refinance one can fall prey to numerous refinancing scams and end up losing hundred of dollars.

The best time to refinance your home mortgage depends on two key factors which are lowering the entire borrowing cost and betterment of mortgage terms by managing personal loans in effective manner. If you are not able to take care of these things then you should not consider refinancing your mortgage. During tough economic times, homeowners usually find it difficult to meet their mortgage payments. Much part of difficulties is also caused because of high amount of leverage, increased in health care cost and abrupt job loss.