Orlando belongs to the state of Florida and is located in the southeastern region of the US. Being the famous tourism spot,

These are some of the hotels and motels that are conveniently located near Augusta National Golf Club. 1. Augusta Marriott Hotel & Suites Two Tenth Street Augusta, GA 30901 Nightly Rates: ($159.00 - $159.00)

Florida is one of the major tourist destinations and is located in the southeastern part of the United States. Many international

Dana Rader Golf Schools are located in the Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte, North Carolina, US. The resort offers the golf course

Golf has emerged as a popular game and although it wasn’t earlier considered to be a game for the common people,

The ESPN golf schools arrange many types of golf training programs and are considered to be amongst the best golf schools in

California is situated along the coastal lines of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most populated states of the US.

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With beautiful lakes like Lake Mati and the Osumi River, Albania offers a great opportunity of kayaking for the adventure lovers. Kayaking is a wonderful, exploratory experience giving opportunity to witness and feel the beauty of aquatic life. It is the most exciting water sport in Albania. One really feels enthralled and exhilarating kayaking down the rapids and playing with every wave of the river.

Body surfing may not be as popular today as surfing is. With body surfing however, all you need to use your body itself instead of a surf board. This sport does not require as much equipment as it is with surfing. Here the most you will need is a thermal rash vest and a pair of fins. These fins will go on your feet and they come in handy in swimming further out into the sea to catch the bigger waves for longer rides.

Abseiling, or sometimes called as rappelling is an outdoor adventure activity which involves descending a fixed rope from a cliff or a mountain, in a standing position facing the ground. It originates from the German word ‘abseilen’. It is slight different from rock climbing where climbers need some serious climbing skills to rappel safely.

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most revered golf courses located in the American city of Augusta, Georgia. One of the most exclusive clubs in the world, it has consistently been ranked as one of the top courses in the United States and the world by Golf Magazine.

The Arabian Ranches Golf Club:

Located in the middle of the Arabian Ranches residential project on the Emirates Road in Dubai, the Arabian Ranches Golf Club is one of the best golf clubs in Dubai.

Arizona is a southwestern state in the United States and is set against the backdrop of sandy desert. Arizona is one of the most visited places by golfers since there is a number of world class golf courses located in Arizona. Since the state is also a golf destination, a number of golf schools have been established across the state.These schools offer guidelines to the aspirants along with enhancing their golfing skills.

The BNP Paribas Open is an annual hard-court tennis tournament which is held in Indian Wells, California. Many people consider it as “The Grand Slam of the West”, and this event is the fifth most-attended tournament next to Grand Slams. The event is first of the nine ATP World Tour Masters 1000 events and showcases the best men’s and women’s players. This is a Premier Mandatory event on the Women’s tour.

Australian Open- The Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific is the first of the four Grand Slams tennis tournaments held every year. Australian Open is held in January each year in Melbourne park. The 2012 Australian Open marked the 100th staging of the event. The tournament was a grass court tournament until 1987 and since 1988 the tournament has been held on hard courts at Melbourne Park.

Tennis is a great sport and is wonderfully simple. However, there are a few rules which should be considered before playing tennis or just watching it.