Surfing is a good exercise and you will see all those who regularly surf and really fit and none of them have a large belly. Surfing makes you alert and works on all your muscles right from your neck, arms, back and abdomen to your legs. However even surfers, before they hit the waves, need to do some warm up exercises. Some of the exercises are mentioned below.

Pipeline, Hawaii boasts of its towering buzz waves and also to be one of the venues of the Triple Crown of Surfing. Though the Pipeline lies there on the top of every surfer’s agenda, it is infamous as one of the most dangerous surfing breaks of world. Those gnarly and outsized waves break just over a jagged reef making it unsafe to practice surfing, especially for the novice ones.

With beautiful lakes like Lake Mati and the Osumi River, Albania offers a great opportunity of kayaking for the adventure lovers. Kayaking is a wonderful, exploratory experience giving opportunity to witness and feel the beauty of aquatic life. It is the most exciting water sport in Albania. One really feels enthralled and exhilarating kayaking down the rapids and playing with every wave of the river.

Albania is a land with great surprises. It’s still in its state of infancy in some respects. And mountaineering is one such aspect. There are various mountaineering sites still untouched and unexplored. So it’s a great opportunity for the adventure loving tourists to delve into many regions which Albania offers and enjoy the activity of mountaineering.

With its vast amazing, shoreline, snow capped mountains and unparallel beauty, Albania is one of the most interesting destinations for a getaway. In fact, for backpackers and adventure freaks, Albania is nothing less than a paradise. Albania offers a variety of adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, but a trip to Albania cannot be complete without river rafting.

Imagine the widespread snowy mountains and you skiing over the thick blanket of snow. Isn’t the feeling fantastic? The geography of Albania is mountainous due to the mighty Alps. So there are a lot of activities the adventurous, fun loving people can enjoy. The enthralling beauty and the extensive prevalent snow drive the ski-lovers from all over the globe.

Madrid is one of the leading sports cities in the world, there are many sports persons who have left distinct images in the history of world sports. Sports are the part and parcel of Madrid culture which is enjoyed by every group of people with full excitement.

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