Abseiling, or sometimes called as rappelling is an outdoor adventure activity which involves descending a fixed rope from a cliff or a mountain, in a standing position facing the ground. It originates from the German word ‘abseilen’. It is slight different from rock climbing where climbers need some serious climbing skills to rappel safely.

Some essential equipments required for rappelling are ropes, anchors, rappel device, harness, slings, helmets, gloves, and boots. Abseiling can be seen in number of applications like Canyoning, climbing, caving, adventure racing etc. It is also used by military during rescue operations or in warfare scenarios. Tandem rappelling, Simul rappelling and Counterbalance rappelling are some common techniques of abseiling.

Though, New Zealand is a small country, you can still enjoy some great abseiling from indoor climbing centers to a number of outdoor sites, with a variety of options available for all kinds of people. With adventure companies operating all over New Zealand, you can experience the thrill of some real abseiling or rappelling. The operators will guide you through your entire adventure.

New Zealand offers some outstanding locations for abseiling for an all time high adrenalin-pumping experience. The terrains in both the South Island and the North Island provide a number of abseiling opportunities.

North Island:

An excellent abseiling location in the North Island, towards the south east of Te Awamutu is Wharepapa South. Abseil down into the canyons of Haggis Honking Holes at Waitomo, Central North Island and enjoy the longest abseiling adventure of New Zealand. Another great abseiling location is Whanganui bay, near Lake Taupo. At Piha beach of West Coast you can enjoy abseiling over waterfalls, swimming through pools and caves, slides and jumps. Explore the canyons of Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula while enjoying the abseiling adventure.

South Island:

Christchurch, Queenstown and Wanaka are the major locations of the South Island where you can experience the thrills of some excellent abseiling adventure. Wanaka rock climbing includes abseiling in the Matukituki Valley near Mount Aspiring National Park. Mountain and coastal experiences make Canterbury a perfect place for abseiling.