Body surfing may not be as popular today as surfing is. With body surfing however, all you need to use your body itself instead of a surf board. This sport does not require as much equipment as it is with surfing. Here the most you will need is a thermal rash vest and a pair of fins. These fins will go on your feet and they come in handy in swimming further out into the sea to catch the bigger waves for longer rides.

To body surf well, you need to be a good swimmer. As the wave approaches you need to keep your hip above your shoulders and head and allow the wave to push yourself forward for sometime using your fins. You will then soon find your whole torso outside the bottom of the wave as you lay horizontally at the bottom surface of the wave and you will soon be thrust forward depending on the power and size of the wave. Some of the body surfing experts can move diagonally along the wave and enjoy a longer ride as they ride along the face of wave and attempt to race the waves pealing curl.

If you find a wave you do not want to take then you just need to drop the shoulder which faces the wave and this movement will turn your body into the waves and you will be pushed out of the back of waves. For beginners it is important that they catch waves that are only one to four feet high. Also they need to check the beaches they will be body surfing. These beaches will need to have a gentle slope. They can check this by wading into the water and seeing if there is no sudden drop, because if it is there then the waves that will be coming in will be large and very close to the shore and this can be dangerous and bone breaking.

So for starters you can wade into water that is waist to chest deep and when you see a good swell coming then start paddling for the shore and then angle your upper body downward and then that will be you, body surfing.