Surfing is a good exercise and you will see all those who regularly surf and really fit and none of them have a large belly. Surfing makes you alert and works on all your muscles right from your neck, arms, back and abdomen to your legs. However even surfers, before they hit the waves, need to do some warm up exercises. Some of the exercises are mentioned below.

Running: It is good to do some running on a beach. It can start of as a walk and then break into a jog and then into a sprint and then repeat the same process. This running is best done barefoot as this way the person develops balance and it also strengthens the feet’s arches. The running also helps the surfer develop stamina.

Stretching: Before you get into any sport you need to do the necessary stretching. The first thing you need to do is bend forward and try to touch your toes without bending your knees then standing with your legs shoulder width apart you need to bend sideways as much as you can on either side.

You then need to stand with your hands stretched in front of you against a wall, you then need to take one step half way between you and the wall and still keep both your heels grounded while pushing against the wall and alternate your steps. This will stretch the calf muscles of the rear leg.

Eyes: It is very important to exercise your eyes as it is vision that mostly leads you while you are surfing. You can start by first rolling your eyes and take your open palm and place them on your closed eyes and lie-down for a minute.

Popping to Your Feet: Take a position as though you were doing pushups, but the place where your feet are kept should be raised. You then need to take one leg bend that knee and bring it to your chest and stretch it back out. The next thing you need to do lie face down and then push yourself and jump to your feet on bent knees. This will help you go from paddle position to stand up surf position more easily

Back Extension: You need to lay face down with your stomach on a gym ball, place your palms behind your ears and bend slowly and then inhale, lift your shoulder using your lower back as a hinge and as your reach up hold yourself for a second exhale and then slowly go down. This should help you in your paddling.

If you have any difficulty in performing these exercises then kindly stop that exercise and contact a physician.