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Online shopping has become popular in very less time. It helps us to get rid of travelling to supermarkets, placing the products into the carts and standing in a long queue. However, besides its advantages it also has disadvantages that may make you to go back to normal shopping. But there are ways using which you can transform the disadvantages into advantages. Take a look!

Online shopping is the latest trend in shopping. Nowadays, people prefer to shop online instead of opting for traditional shopping as it saves time and you can shop from the comfort of your home. But when it comes to safety while shopping online, you need to think - is online shopping as safe as traditional??

Have you ever thought that by just clicking a picture of product, you can get that product at your doorstep?? Seems to be impossible, but it has become a reality. Tesco Home Plus – the Korean supermarket has come up with an awesome idea of virtual shopping.

As people don’t have time to go to a grocery shop for shopping, Tesco decided to go to people.

When it comes to grocery shopping in malls or shops, standing in a queue is the most irritating thing. But here is the solution for this problem – Scan-it. As you enter the store, you will have to select one of the devices and then you can start your shopping. It is a buyer friendly device; you can enjoy your shopping with the help of this device.

Traditional shopping stores are worried about the declining crowd in their stores because of online shopping technology. They are gearing up to introduce new technologies in their shops so that they can attract the customers back.

Everyone wants tablet, which is light, thinner and easier to use having lots of features. The number of tablet users is increasing day by day. There are many tablets available in the market with so many features and apps which makes many things easier.

Like other brands, Nintendo Wii has started the revolution of motion sensing gaming. Sony has refined this concept of motion sensing gaming with the help of PlayStation 3 Move. Sony Move is the platform which will receive a wider choice of PS3 games. The best PS3 Move games have the ability to keep you as well as your family engrossed in the video games for hours. Here are top 5 most-played PS3 Move games of 2010.


NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 is the latest installment in the highest rated NBA series of video games. NBA 2K11 is a popular basketball video game published by 2K Sports and developed by Visual Concepts. The game is the best way to plug into the NBA culture. NBA 2K11 features everything – gameplay, presentation, audio, AI, visuals, online and more–to give the best basketball video game experience ever. The game introduced many new features including cover athlete Michael Jordan. A game mode, “Jordan Challenge” follows ten of Jordan's career accomplishments. This new version of the game is designed to take the advantage of PlayStation Move hardware which allows the player to shoot, dunk and dribble with the new controller.

Over the years PSP has released highly entertaining and action packed video games for fans of action genre. Here are top 5 PSP action games that will keep players engaged for hours.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars by Rockstar Games is better than previous GTA games with new features. Chinatown Wars tells the story of Huang Lee who travels to Liberty city to deliver ceremonial sword after his father is murdered. As soon as he arrives, he is abducted and the sword is stolen. As Huang, player seeks revenge and undertakes various killing missions. Chinatown Wars has more than 20 weapons to play with which includes flashbangs, flamethrowers, shotguns, swords and sniper rifles. Another new feature that was absent in previous GTA games is that it allows to replays missions. The player can play the mission again in order to achieve higher score. There are action packed modes and eleven radio stations that ensure player will have a great time.

For sports fans, PSP offers a wide range of video games and gives you an opportunity to imagine yourself as a famous tennis player, baseball player etc. Here are top 5 PSP sports game for your PSP.


Virtua Tennis World Tour

Developed by Sumo Segal, Virtua Tennis World Tour has everything, the fans of sports games could ask for. The game features 14 real-life professional tennis players with multiple game modes. There is exhibition mode, tournament mode and mini-games to improve your skills. The most entertaining is the World tour mode which is a single-player mode where you get to create your own male or female characters and then compete. New in this game is the balls game mode which consists of a few mini-games like Balloon smash, Blocker and Blockbuster. There is also ad hoc Wi-Fi multi-player support where up to 4 players can compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches.

For many people, their Smartphone is more than just an accessory. Smartphone provides many apps which enable you to make things easier for them. There are many Smartphone apps for online shopping, so every time to shop online, you need not go to your desktop or laptop. It has been seen that Smartphone apps are impacting on consumer buying habits and behavior.

In this busy world, you may not like shopping for groceries. You may have better usage of your time rather than standing in an endless line of a supermarket. Every spare moment of yours is precious and should not be wasted standing in a queue waiting for the unknown person to decide whether she wants that candy or not or why he was charged additional 10c for the product that cost a bit less.

Online shopping has been picked up very quickly by people and online sellers are improving their share of purchases. There is no doubt that you find great deals online as well as different brands which may not be even available in the shopping malls. But, as every coin has two sides, online shopping too has its advantages and disadvantages.

With technologies growing on a larger extent, there are advanced software technologies coming into picture which ease your accounting and save your significant money and time. The accounting software for taxation includes step-by-step instructions and worksheets which help you to take control over your taxes. Instead of hiring professionals for your accounting purpose, using accounting software can be a money saver idea.

Digital cameras used these days are cost effective and easy to use. But these cameras use memory cards for storing the data which can be accidentally erased and thus increasing the risk of losing precious data.The photo recovery software software is useful in recovering and restoring the lost data from the digital camera's storage memory.

The key features of the software include-

  • This picture recovery software supports all major digital camera brands such as Canon, Sony, Compaq, Espon, Acer, Nikon, Hitachi, Fuji, Kingston, Kodak etc.

  • This software tool can recover data stored in different formats like avi, wmv, bmp, mpeg, wma, jpeg, gif, tiff and other file formats.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is not a new concept in the crowd of new and better technologies, but it does have practical and potential uses. This is the reason why the big companies are attracted towards it. NFC Forum was founded in 2004 by Royal Philips Electronics, Sony and Nokia to advance the short-range wireless connectivity technology.