I had gone fishing many times in the summer season, but not in winter. So, I decided to go for fishing in the winter season and searching for the lake that is ideal for fishing in the cold season. Finally, I got a Lake Cuyamaca located in San Diego County. I, along with my friend, Jack who is not much interested in fishing, packed our bags with all the fishing equipments and warm clothes and headed towards Lake Cuyamaca.

We reached to the lake and found the accommodation for the visitors were amazing. Campgrounds, cabins, restrooms, coin-operated showers, flush toilets were available for the visitors. A boat ramp is available on the west shore. Pedal boats, motor boats, canoes and fishing boats are available for rent. Jack was very happy by seeing the cafe nearby the lake as he loves drinking coffee. As Jack was not aware of the fishing techniques, we decided to attend the fishing class which is offered on Saturday at 10a.m. and that too free of cost.

Lake Cuyamaca has dazzling fishing as well as outstanding trout wishing in the winter season. It also has crappie, channel catfish, bluegill, rainbow, California golden trout, blue catfish, steelhead, brown as well as the species that are rare in San Diego; smallmouth bass and sturgeon. Lake Cuyamaca is perfect for year-round trout fishing because of the colder climate. It is the only lake in San Diego in which fly fishing is widely practiced.

After the fishing class, we picked up all our fishing equipments and hired a motor boat for fishing. As Jack learned some techniques for fishing, he was more excited than me to catch a fish. We both started fishing at the same time but my container was almost full and my friend’s, was just empty. I started teasing him that he couldn’t even catch a fish. But he took this teasing little seriously and decided that he will not leave the lake until he catches more fishes than me. But, this time also he was not lucky; he sat whole day to catch the fishes but hardly filled half of his container. At last he gave up, and said me to return.

No matter, who got more fishes; we enjoyed fishing a lot at Lake Cuyamaca and can never forget those fun filled memories!