Although fishing is my hobby and I like to learn about the behaviour of the fishes, I also like to visit parks which are set aside for human enjoyment and recreation, or for the protection of natural habitats or natural wildlife.

I had heard a lot about a popular park called as Balboa Park located in the city of San Diego and decided to visit the park.

Balboa Park – the heart of San Diego, is an urban culture park. Imagine tinkling fountains, wide green lawns, lush gardens, Spanish architecture..... the Balboa Park offers everything! Besides open space areas, the park consists of variety of cultural attractions including theatres, shops, gardens, museums and the world famous San Diego Zoo. The diverse museums of the park span interests like fine art, aerospace, folk art, sports, dinosaurs and history. The San Diego Art Institute in the park is dedicated to the advancement of visual arts. Artists open new exhibits every four to six weeks. If you are a biker or a hiker, visiting the park can be beneficial to you as there are many playgrounds along with trails, throughout the park. Well, the museums of the park attracted me very much with the showcase of folk art, history, sports, historic spacecraft and much more.

Reuben H Fleet Science Center Museum was the first museum that combined science exhibitions with an IMAX planetarium and dome and includes a science store as well as cafe. Kids love to play around the beautiful fountain built adjacent to the Science Center. I got a chance to know about the history of the San Diego by visiting the Museum of San Diego History which displays the history all in one building using the artifacts, costumes, textiles, art and photographs. I decided to visit the San Diego Automotive Museum in the park as I have little craze for the cars and motorcycles. This museum features a huge collection of motorcycles and cars displaying the history of automotive industry.

San Diego Museum of Man, located in the park, is the only anthropology museum of San Diego and focuses on the pre-Columbian history of the Western United States. I saw the aircrafts and airplanes whom I just saw flying in the sky, standing in front of me in the San Diego Air and Space Museum which houses historic aircraft and spacecraft from all over the world. It helped me to know about the contribution of San Diego in the aviation field.

Balboa Park offers variety of low cost or no-cost activities for the entire family members. If you are visiting Balboa Park, be cautious that you won't find yourself visiting Balboa Park again and again just like a native San Diegan.

The park influenced me so much that even after returning, I always think of that park and pray to God to give me a chance to visit that park again. Hope my wish come true!