There are a few museums worldwide that have a great and exclusive collection of various naturally formed colors and shades, which should be visited and explored. There are other museums that pertain to the study of Natural History and Mankind, which contain a little information about natural colors.

A lot has been spoken, studied, researched and invented about colors till now and it has been a really colorful journey for the colors. There are historical evidences to prove that color and artists existed on this earth during the ‘Prehistoric’ times like the Paleolithic era and onwards.

The first ones to produce colors for coloring their caves and other natural surfaces were the aboriginals or the primitive inhabitants of the Earth. They have produced color using clay pigment like ‘ochre’, animal-blood, fruits and vegetation, and other natural substances like charcoal and chalk. This information with regards to color and its origin has been kept safe-guarded by the Museum of Prehistoric Artifacts and relevant Studies. Some of these museums are the ‘Natural Museum of History located in Vienna, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

There is one interesting name, which is only one of its kinds, a Museum that has a huge collection on information about natural colors and their wide display. The name of this exclusive ‘Natural Color Museum’ is “Oasi San Benedetto” located in Italy. Italians call it “Museo dei Colori Naturali” and it is a perfect institution to learn a lot about colors right from their history to ‘the latest about colors”. At “Oasi San Benedetto”, one can learn the ancient technique or the prehistoric method of producing color using natural herbs, flowers, and clay etc.

The Italian museum of Natural Colors provides its visitors and young aspirants with a variety of courses related to color extraction and production. Italy is known for its highly popular fashion industry that comprise of lot of talented fashion designers. Most of Italy’s renowned fashion designers have been a part of this institution named ‘Oasi San Benedetto” that is an amazing museum as well. It has got a workshop that is organized on a yearly basis, which teaches its students about the basics of color extraction and dye making for fabric colorants. The museum as an institution provides cheaper accommodation to its students and other young aspirants.

For foreign students and tourists this museum is an amazing place where they can learn a lot about producing raw material for dye and color extraction. This museum displays natural color for all its possible applications ranging from soaps, candles, fabrics, dry surfaces to makeup and skin care products. The museum also conducts bike-riding and trekking sessions apart from its regular activities. The Italian Museum “Oasi San Benedetto” that is an exclusive natural color museum. This Museum deserves a visit from all nature lovers and color explorers.