The leveling of Warsaw city at the time of war has created lot of gaping holes in its historical collections. The great number of collection of museums, palaces and art galleries from the countryside were brought to Warsaw because the capital known as safer place during the war time.

Warsaw is a sparkling city with matchless spirit. It has got fair share of modern museums and groovy galleries of contemporary art.

The Mickiewicz Museum of literature is situated on pleasant location flanked by two merchant houses of Old Town plaza. It was named after Poland’s bard Mickiewicz and it has panoply of ornaments related with the adventurous people of nineteenth century. It has wide collection of work, the origin of which ranges from historic to present epoch and possesses grand collection of paintings from famous artist of the county. The Caricature museum is the only of its type and you will rarely find cracker of museum like it anywhere. The museum carries mounting collection of international work and it resides in the former garden of primate’s palace. The Polish artist contribute lion share of collection and other uproarious work of pieces like Kazimierz Sichulski landscape are surely deserved for wider appreciation.

The art scenes in Warsaw galleries are thriving with various numbers of galleries opened in last few years which demonstrate impressive work performed by emerging artists. Foksal Gallery is most influential and famous gallery, which has been stuck in the Warsaw city since four decades even though much part of the city has changed. The Foksal gallery features performance art, graphics, sculpture and paintings structured by polish artists. The Raster is more than seven year old independent gallery that holds literature events, concerts, lectures, screenings and discussions. The art galleries like Raster are supportive for young artists and extremely community-focused. It is holding large collection of art that portrays the work from variety of popular artists such as Renoir, Constable, Goya, Rubens and many others.

The Warsaw city is growing in terms of museums and art galleries so rapidly that returning visitors difficult to recognize it. The excellent tribute to the history of Poland and rise of Warsaw can be only found in uprising museums as well as art galleries of Warsaw.