Being recognized as a fashionable and image-conscious city, the San Sebastian is stuffed with many high-end shops. Ranging from modern supermarkets and designer labels to family run grocery stores and fashion boutiques, most of the textile as well as artistic shopping centers in San Sebastian are located at the centre of town.

The city known for its elite Basque culture, as the textile market in San Sebastian depicts the impressive heritage and lots of textile shopping districts are possible to explore easily in this small town.

A visit to San Sebastian will persuade your mind to step back into the prehistoric times. The weaving process is almost equivalent to that it was 200 years before and the stylish fabrics are spun, colored, and woven on variety of foot powered looms. The Film Festival at San Sebastian is the most popular film festival in entire Europe and as it is held in the month of September, giving significant boost to the textile market during that time. Exclusive clothes for women are much easier to find than for men. San Sebastian boasts about its variety of textile and gift shops which promote local souvenirs and trade in Golden Orb Spiders. This splendid textile in natural golden color infuses its own unique luminescence and it is sure to fascinate any visitor.

The workshops in San Sebastian are remained open during entire week and you can discover weavers, who create products like hammocks fabrics, belts, placemats, purses, and tablecloths. The exquisite designs and proper sense of color used by weavers make these precious materials very hard to resist. San Sebastian is famous for their artistic hammocks and you will realize that the prices are much less in this town as compared to most of the capital cities. Even though most of the shops of the city are freestanding, there is a comprehensive shopping mall named La Brexta which has Cineplex and group of high street shops. It is the place where the special allure of the city comes.

The fact is that, people of San Sebastian are not trying to pigeon-hole themselves into an ordinary tourist experience, but they are aspiring to appeal an adventuresome and broader voyage. In this truly fascinating world, San Sebastian appears as a great place and it is definitely worth in exploring it.