Albania is a culinary delight for the connoisseur and gourmets. There is something waiting for you on every corner of every city, town or village. The restaurants and bars in Albania are worth visiting. After witnessing the beauty of the place, one can relax sitting at the corner of any restaurant and taste variety of dishes. There are numerous good, stylish restaurants and bars all over the country at your service offering some of the best culinary delights.

Philippine cuisine is expressed as a melting pot of various flavors and a mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese as well as several Asian influences. This influences lead to various mouth watering Philippine meals.

Madrid is famous for different Spanish foods and beverages due to which most of the visitors from different countries visit Madrid to enjoy varieties of dishes. If you are fond of delicious Spanish foods, then you can visit various Spanish restaurants which will offer wonderful Spanish dishes.

One can never ignore the deadliest combination of food and culture. The cuisine of Thai is regarded as the delicious and best one in the whole world. Thailand, being situated between India and China, they have a strong influence on the Thai cuisines. Even, you can see strong influences of the Malaysian flavors. Yet, the food of Thailand maintains its own distinct identity, just like the Thai people. Before traveling to Thailand, you must know the cuisine culture of the country, which will make you trip more enjoyable and cherishable. Thai.Thai food is basically known for its spiciness as well as hotness.

Spanish food has its own introduction throughout the world. Most of the Spanish foods are prepared in their own way with local ingredients which will be the great fun for international visitors because of its wonderful flavor and taste. 

In the Vietnamese culture as well as day-to-day life, food plays an important role. Considered as one of the healthiest cuisines all over the world, Vietnamese food maintains the equilibrium of fresh herbs, meats and an appropriate use of spices, for reaching the finest taste. With the increase of Vietnam as a tourist destination, the Vietnamese cuisine has also become popular worldwide.