You’ve made your vows, you have tied the knot and you are in that sweet stupor of being married. It’s now time to take that most cherished better half of yours on the most memorable journey of your life. It’s the time for your honeymoon and what better choice of a country you have other than one that hosts one of the most romantic city in the world.

Romance flows through the veins of Italy, especially through its enigmatic cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. So there is hardly any debate as to why this country should be one of your top choices for a honeymoon getaway.

Planning to be on a relaxing and lavish holiday will no longer be followed by panic, especially, if you are an avid lover of underwater life. With a peaceful stay at the Atlantis, the newest heritage colossus of Dubai, you can enjoy breathing in a unique maritime habitat.

Known as ‘Paradise on Earth’, the stunningly beautiful Switzerland always makes it to the list of top honeymoon getaways. The snow capped peaks, the beautiful countryside, the alpine villages along with the pristine lakes are enough to spark the fire of love for the newly-weds. All this will charm you to one of life’s most unforgettable romantic excursions.

As if, eating seafood was not enough, you now have to deal with real fish actually staring at you during your meal. Wondering what’s going on? Have your dinner underwater and you will experience this unbelievable phenomenon. Ithaa, an underwater restaurant, is one of a kind place where you are bordered by glass which helps you to interact with the aquatic life while dining.

By far, the Caribbean is one of the most sought destinations for a honeymoon getaway. The reason - romance comes to life in the Caribbean. The Caribbean offers pristine beaches lined with palm trees, blue water lagoons, green landscapes and a wide variety of activities. But with the Caribbean being so vast with such a long list of islands to choose from, where do you go for one of the best times of your married life?